Golubac Fortress

On the last trip to Serbia we visited Golubac fortress with my wife. It is located on Danube river right on the serbian-romanian border. It is right now undergoing reconstruction. Although we were there on Sunday, there were some archeological excavations ongoing. The workers need to hurry, because… chcete vědět víc?

BTS Story - Narcissus

I was involved in a production of a short movie called Narcissus. Totaling at 4 consequent shooting days in Vienna the movie involves a lot of dancing choreography. We used the new Sony Venice as an A-Cam and Sony FS7 as a B-Cam for highspeed shots along with Celere HS Cinema Prime lens set. Quite… chcete vědět víc?

Michajlov Music Video – Pushing the GH4 lowlight limits

In one of my last projects I had to face the challenge of lowlight filming and I tried to push my GH4 to the limits of its small MFT sensor. In this blog post I explain how I achieved the look of the final video In February 2017 I was filming a music video for my friend Michajlov from Brno… chcete vědět víc?

LANDSCAPES - Fotokniha od Saal Digital

Před pár měsíci jsem měl možnost otestovat kvalitu fotoknihy od firmy SAAL Digital. Rozhodl jsem se udělat nezvyklý čtvercový formát a vybrat jedny z mých oblíbených krajinek. Proto vznikla moje fotokniha "LANDSCAPES". Výhodou čtvercového formátu je, že pokud necháme celou dvoustranu potisknout,… chcete vědět víc?

Flatland BMX Show in London

I have read about those two guys from Czech republic few years ago in czech Bike magazine. They are traveling around the world doing Flatland BMX shows on the streets and earning money from tourists. What an interesting way of living I thought to myself. I almost forgot about it, but then in July… chcete vědět víc?

Donauinselfest 2015 Show

Donauinselfest is the biggest event of the year taking place on this island in the heart of Vienna. Every June there are millions of visitors coming to enjoy the unique atmosphere of concerts, shows and other attractions. This year it was around 3,3 millions visitors. I did a short video review of… chcete vědět víc?

Leopoldsberg photoshooting with Teena

I talked with my friend Teena a few times about a photoshooting. Now she newly dyed her hair blue and so it was the right time to shoot something. I came up with the idea of Leopoldsberg as a location. It is not that crowded as Kahlenberg and the view over Vienna is even better there. I also wanted… chcete vědět víc?

Pumptrack Vienna

My friends Andi and Clemens from Balzamico trail Design have built the first wooden pumptrack in Vienna. It is located in Hochseilklettergarten in the middle of Vienna by the Danube river. My task was to film a promo video for this pumptrack and for this purpose we had Senad Grosic on the stage. … chcete vědět víc?

Rock in Vienna

Rock in Vienna is a new summer festival which takes place directly in heart of Vienna on the Donauinsel. The guys from Masters of Dirt had together with JBL their entertainment area there and so I filmed a short review for them.   Headliner of that day was Metallica and we all enjoyed their… chcete vědět víc?

Iva & Bohdan

Filming this wedding for my two good friends was very pleasant. I knew most of the wedding guests, so I had fun all day long. The location was also very well picked and the newlyweds had great luck with the weather. The wedding took place at chateau Dolni Kounice, not far to the south of Brno.… chcete vědět víc?

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